Edward Lathan IV.


Eddy D. Lathan IV is a multidisciplinary artist (movement artist, content creator, dancer, actor, choreographer, teaching artist, writer, yoga teacher) and world traveler, currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. Born in Mount Vernon, New York, raised in Cincinnati, Ohio & Bridgeport, Connecticut, he moved to NYC in 2009 initially to pursue dance. He studied, trained and danced with The Hip Hop Dance Conservatory & Repertory company (H+) in New York City from 2008 - 2013, training in various street style forms along the way from Hip Hop, Vogue Fem to Krump. In 2014 he traveled to Port Au Prince, Haiti and taught Hip Hop dance workshops, granted by the U.S. Embassy as part of a cultural exchange and fundraising project, with Haiti’s premiere dance company, “Ayikodans”. Eddy taught in Early Childhood Education as a teacher and dance instructor from 2010 to 2017. In 2015, he mounted his first stage piece, "Unmasked", as part of the second season of the Emerging Choreographer Series, returning in 2016 for the 3rd season as a protagonist dancer in Jacqui Dugal’s “Psychopaths Welcome”. In 2015 he co-founded the NuDance: Naked Movement & Dance platform. In 2018, he landed a small role as a Journalist from Brooklyn, in the Dutch Indie Film “God Only Knows”, which was nominated for a Dutch Oscar.

Eddy has performed, traveled locally, nationally and internationally teaching NuDance classes/workshops, and performing. He has taught and performed in Amsterdam, Netherlands in June of 2019, as well as workshops at STRETCH Festival in Berlin, Germany July of 2019. In addition to being a company dancer for DUNYC and a teaching artist for NuDance, he is a yoga & fitness trainer, for ages as young as five years of age to 80 years of age! He continues to practice and train in multiple street styles, classical styles and martial/movement arts styles. He strives to be not just a dancer or choreography but a “movement artist” overall.